Professor against Political Correctness

This blog serves to unpack why language matters for social justice. Through a case study of a psychology Professor at the University of Toronto, we will demonstrate the politics of language and implications for social justice.


Land Acknowledgement: UBC’s Point Grey Campus is located on the traditional, ancestral, unceded territory of the Musqueam people. The land it is situated on has always been a place of learning for the Musqueam people, who for millennia have passed on in their culture, history, and traditions from one generation to the next on this site. We are privileged to continue to engage in living and learning on this land, and are committed to the decolonizing project with our praxis.

As UBC students, we have a responsibility to look internally at acts of discrimination and prejudices on our campus before we look into the prejudices and discriminations of others. We continue to be implicated by hateful acts, like the burning of the Pride flag, and a serious spate of sexual assaults that have yet to be appropriately addressed. Although Jordan Peterson teaches at the University of Toronto, his fear and anger speaks loud and clear to those he reaches. We need to address that these issues are all intertwined and ongoing.

This blog was created as a group project for Dr JP Catungal’s class (GRSJ 327) at the University of British Columbia. All views are our own, with academic references and sourced links provided where necessary. The content on this blog may not be reprinted or published without our consent.

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